Welcome to Neptune. A professional web-application company based in Pune.

About Us

We are an Indian/German company specialised in rich web applications. We are a dedicated team of engineers located in Pune who craft applications that our customers enjoy using. Read through to find out more about us and our projects.

Technology Stack

Our products are based on universally-accepted, state-of-the-art technology.
A common technology stack across our products facilitates both teaching as well as learning from one another, the key ingredient for our efficiency.


Our back-ends are written in Java, a rock-solid language that gives us access to a large pool of talent.


Spring implements many of the re-occuring functionalities extremely well. Leveraging it allows us to focus on what matters most.


Front-end development is finally fun! With Angular, we are able to rapidly develop beautiful user interfaces and test them well.

Other tools and languages we use:
GitLab, Jira, Confluence, TypeScript, Stride, Jenkins, Sonar, Artifactory and many more.

Customers & Partners

Our products are used by hundreds of people accross the globe.
We are grateful to all of our customers and partners for this unique experience and their continued trust in us!

Get in touch

Do you like our products and think that our technology stack includes just the right tools to solve your problem?
We are happy to help!

  • Neptune Ubicom Pvt. Ltd.
  • 610, Supreme HQ,
  • Survey no: 36/2,
  • Baner: 411045, Pune.

  • +91 9028090502
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